Did I Mention my other blog?

Hello everyone, I hope you are doing well as I am. Although, there are very bumpy roads coming ahead of us that we have to make right decisions. Even if we the people the beautiful fighters have to fight what we believe in and it’s definitely worth to express your own views and let it shout to the world. That is why for me, I blog to brag what I need to say because you & I know that sometimes, if you got to say something, you better say it now or never. I do welcome the criticism (good or bad) and as for sarcasm well, it’s fine because I’ll pretend that I’m so hurt and then probably say, “Really? Why, thank-you and have a fuck you day idiot.” Yep, it feels so damn good when you’re really innocent but turn into one heck of Oh My God, I’m such a bad girl but so honest.

Putting that aside, I also wanted to mention my other blog site that I have and mostly depend on. Now, don’t go crazy, I’m not thinking about deleting my precious wordpress site. I mean I fell in love with wordpress that’s a suicide if I do that, don’t over think your mind! You are welcome to visit it, it’s not very special or anything fancy in particular way. It’s http://avamprosediary.blogspot.com

As well this & the other blog, I do have other social networks too. The problem is too many of them to list.. it’s not like there over 100 of them.

So much to do, so little time. I always wonder why do we have time or clocks? The other side don’t even have time well, that’s why they all it paradise or heaven. Who knows, but I wish everything was settle not so fast, honestly I miss those good old days. No wonder why I’m not interested in advanced tech gadgets instead I’m more into New Age or something to do Nature’s goodness, wisdom, and helping to protect environment.

Hopefully, if there is plenty of time I would like to do something “Magic.” More to come about other things about me, although I’d like to keep things secret but if you’re interested then consider yourself lucky. Have wonderful day, remember do what you love while you feel accomplished. You don’t need to be famous or a superstar, just being true to yourself is the most powerful thing you can have.

Peace & Love


Hello~!!! First time to user on WordPress.

 Hello readers or bloggers, this is my first blog on WordPress. I am very excited and looking forward to use WordPress. I always want to reach out to my friends, families, and/or colleagues along with other social networks. To be honest, I’m more of a bookworm and old-fashioned type; in other words I’d rather be reading, studying, and writing my notes physically with pen & paper. Also, when it comes to communication, it is better to call me than text or email but sometimes computers can have “glitches.” 

 However, technology is important because of the efficiency mostly time; pro: going paperless (no more killing trees), con: power outage (crap, because you need electricity depending how much you use it). Key things: using or depending on too much of computers and other gadgets can make you lose the ability of survival and writing skills too. In fact, there are many people especially kids don’t know how to write their own names or spell simple words like cat, dog, bird, etc. Recently, people who tend to use more internet or other tech gears (iphones, ipads, etc) will likely get depression and/or other various personality disorders. No wonder why I realized that there are so many are crazy and have personal issues!

 My point is I’m just using this to keep in reach for guidance and as part of more positive ways to change for the better. No, I’m not a activist or a Super Wonder Woman but I like to blog and use other social networks for news, events, and most of all: How are other countries are doing? Even though we as people will or won’t meet as a person, internet helps us to connect; good or bad it really depends how we use it. This is our future to be open-minded, understand, and preserve humanity for hope. If you can’t get what I’m trying to explain then I understand, I’m not a journalist or writer major. So, screw you, just kidding!

 Anyways, I’d rather be out doing something active more like focusing on other things than sitting my butt down, staring at bright computer screen (contributing cataracts in the future, hooray), and gaining my weight (that’s why I passionately hate computers). Please, feel free to keep in touch with me and more information coming soon! Take care, have a great day, and importantly please stay safe and be supportive to your community. Change is way for better or for worse.

Peace & Love.