It’s okay to make mistakes, after all we’re all Human.

It’s okay to make mistakes, after all we’re all Human.

Just stop on whatever you’re doing and take a moment of silence.

Listen to your heart while looking into your intuition.

Past is past, we’ll all made mistakes whether accidentally, silly, or guilty way.

You yourself as an individual beautiful human being must learn and prevent that into a better way.

As day goes by, you will grow into a powerful soul full of fruition of knowledge, philosophy, and most of all Nirvana.

If you are one of those who bullied me, treated me like a loser, and felt ashamed.

If you’re ready, I mean really ready to accept the fact that what you did was wrong then I have my arms opened for you for forgiveness.

I know for myself, I did bad things and I know that God has forgiven me. As I struggle still through hard times of my own complexion inside and out; I’m a fighter and I know I’ll be a one proud spiritual being one day.

That day will be my last breathe on Earth. Beyond that is where I’ll reunite my loved ones and a place your beautiful soul never dies.

Remember, it’s okay to cry because at least you know that it was a mistake. You’re human.

By the way, Human by The Human League is one of my favorite songs it has wonderful melody and beautiful lyrics. A song that will soak into your heart and lasts your mind forever. There are no songs like this nowadays. So, listen to it when you’re in deep sleep dreaming into a paradise~

Peace & Love