Angel Face & A Devil Soul

Knoxy Foxy, sounds familiar?

It should be, that is the official nickname of Amanda Marie Knox. I know there are people who support her because she is innocent. On the opposite side, I stand by Meredith Kercher and her family & friends. Like I have said orally and stated many times, you’re entitled to your beliefs.

The first thing that gets to my attention is her angelic face. Behind it though, is that deep, cold, icy-blue eyes that had struck me into my warm beating heart. If you’re one of those people that understands what I’m trying to describe then you know exactly what I mean. It kind of reminds me of Ted Bundy, his evil smile tells a lot about him. She can be a good example of Lucifer, the most beautiful Superior Angel fell down into hell and became a devil.

This morning on GMA or Good Morning America, she came back, again. Still saying she’s innocent but supporting for those innocent people being convicted. There’s nothing with that, but what’s wrong is to come back again and having a documentary on netflix. Which still brings back the real innocent of Meredith Kercher & her loved ones bringing pain of memories. I was like: “What the HELL is she thinking?”

Which does not surprise me, that she supports Hillary Clinton…

But putting the politics and elections aside, I hope Meredith Kercher’s killer gets found someday. It’s not fair, that Meredith Kercher’s family not getting any justice. The flashbacks of trials of Amanda Knox went through, what’s up with her behavior? Lying and changing stories to the authorities. To me it doesn’t make any sense, at all.

Ever since the final of Italy Supreme Court decision stated that Amanda Marie Knox & Raffaele Sollecito is not guilty. Well, it was shock, awe and what now? Now, you see and hear that Amanda wants to pay respects to Meredith Kercher’s grave. I’m glad that Meredith’s family immediately blocked her off, warning her not to visit.

She doesn’t need to do that, all she needs is to NOT show on any news media. Lastly, I don’t by her innocence and it’s thoughtful she’s doing something that is right for convicted innocent who really didn’t commit the crime. It’s just makes me sick when I see her on TV and from now on I’m going to shut off for couple of minutes if she shows up on the news, hopefully that doesn’t happen again.

To the Meredith Kercher, I hope that someday justice comes. My thoughts & prayers are with you. I would probably try something different if you are seeking on truth. Such as contacting private investigator and/or a professional medium/psychic. But I’m believer in God & karma, no matter sooner or later someway or some how, judgement never lets down to the good people.

As always, take-care, be well & be safe. Don’t forget to drink coffee, it’s National Coffee Day, Cheers!



Wisdom emcompasses all things in life.

Have you ever paused and take time to think in between breaks or meditation or taking a nap? You are actually dreaming into a realm that not even science can define it. As a seeker of knowledge of mysteries and New Age fanatic, once we close our eyes we are in a different plane that does exists but most us unfortunately, don’t realize it. (Which sucks!) Now remember if you are skeptic, there is absolutely nothing wrong, like I have stated before & will always remind you: you are entitled to your own opinion. One thing is for sure philosophy exists for a reason and purpose. This is why as a blogger I have to let you the reader know that you cannot think philosophy is a waste because it’s not; especially, if you are a college student or with 50/50 sarcastic smarty pants & higher education endeavors to think it is a piece of nothing.

Philosophy came from very Ancient Greece, a time there was no crazies and electronics and assume immediately believe in media (more about media later on). It’s no wonder that people back in those days and throughout history was enlightened and think after wave of events that had happened to them. That is why as Socrates quoted: “Wisdom begins in wonder.” What’s really wonderful about wisdom is that there is no right and/or wrong but to share and teach people or the future generation to prevent horrible tragedies, continue the good ways in peace. But you also can be a pioneer philosopher or wisdomatic sorcerer (I like to be creative in my own terms) it takes just 5 or 15 minutes to just think or what I prefer writing it down on a paper. Lets face it, we live in a special planet call Earth, and there must be a reason we exist and do the things whether it was a bad idea or a good thing. The sad thing is though we lost that opportunity to meditate or to stop and think. Because we abandoned to balance our life mainly we are to stressed out from financial situations, engulfed by meaningless materialistic status society.

That is why, ladies & gentlemen, boys & girls and I don’t care what your identity is; the point is you, you’re the one who is on a mission but on a duty to teach our future human beings to do what is right. Don’t do it for fame or money, do it for a reason and a meaningful purpose. Stop being so afraid of what you’re going to say, have courage and be confident. It’s been in our souls from the beginning and you know we are immortal because of His creation. I do believe we are wonderful individuals who had many past lives and maybe this is our last life here on Earth. I never thought of this but it really took a while to accept and love myself, then realize what is in store for me today. It kind of reminds me a song from Lady Gaga Born this  Way, I know I am a right track, you should be to. Don’t let time wear you out or let anyone think you’re crazy. Just be yourself, for those people thinks that what they did was right when in common sense it’s not, I’m pretty sure they were raised in negative environment or who knows they can be a sociopathic, a demon in a flesh would be best description.

Life in general is very complicated and we can agree on that. The best way we can control it is to realize what did we do right or wrong. Think, always think because when you don’t it would be a disaster, trust me. In my own experiences so far I can say that I made stupid mistakes but at least my humanity never left. As I focus on present, I do see more in a sense of people’s body language. If I do get a chance in another blog I will mention about how to work on your sixth sense and to be handy in today’s world. Also, wisdom is used in many ways as profession like people who are Doctors or Ph.D the highest degree on whatever you or future learners are passionate on. It’s no wonder that wisdom is ethereal in a way that I can’t even describe it in analogy. Wisdom or philosophy is very divine subject, very essential but in my bluntly honest opinion, if you are one of those people & I have met people in college who told me I hate reading, then why bother go to college? Or if you hate reading you are sad, so sad that probably you should do nothing. That scares me by the way…

Don’t let philosophy get you depressed like you’re going to have to read over 3,000 pages of bible. Don’t let wisdom get you wired in weird way. Remember, trust in your instincts whenever you want to share your experiences or even an advice. It does make a difference, I understand there are times you want to “keep your mouth shut.” That depends on time and place but if you are in an event and someone asks: “Any comments?” Go for it, after all we live in a world that process anything happens. 9/11 is an good example, we grieve but we came together, we helped each other, we shared our thoughts, we will someday understand that once we complete our wisdom charm. The Other Side will give us truth as to why we did in this life.

As always, until another blog comes out, be safe, be well and take-care.

Reset to zero, simplicity is all you need.

Dear Readers,

Hello to all of you, before I go on let me first to apologize for the long absence of not blogging a post for quite a while. It’s like POOF in the air like I have disappeared into the thin air. Since my last blog, which I have deleted two of them because it didn’t fit into this theme of my blog, it has been very hectic and I got into a point where Enough is enough. Whether you agree or disagree, it is your opinion and therefore you are entitled to your opinion, vice versa. Respect to yourself is very simple but you can never forget respecting others no matter what the situation is. Unfortunately, we live in a world that’s full load of many types of craziness and sadly violence, tragically killing innocent people young and/or old. Even people living has to face injustice, bully and out of jealously your co-workers and as well as administrators has the power, a abusive power to kick out minority. Nowadays, competition is all about business for materialistic and status of “look at me” posting on instagram, tweeting on twitter and other social media stream.

I am one of minority who has been silent, not by choice but by force of discrimination. I am one of those people who has been a victim of bully, haha you are such a loser, you don’t fit in our community and so on. Let me be clear on a message: I will not be your victim. Rather, I am an example and a true believer in God, karma and hope. You have no idea what I had to go through in my life, physically, mentally and emotionally. To this day, I am a fighter like a warrior or I prefer like a Samurai 侍. Awakened by my wonderful The Land of the Rising Sun ethnicity, it gave me a lot of hope and a way to look philosophical view. The best part of it though, you don’t know how I’m grateful to be pure-breed Japanese, born & raised in the Sunshine State of Florida. I told once to my Mother who is my “personal philosopher” and a wonderful soul that I am very happy to be born with a cultural background that is rich in Bushido, Zen and Divine culture.

Within these last few days, I did a lot of thinking. So much thinking that it made me wonder about space and solar systems and universe that it made me STOP! (Laughs) By the way, you have to have a sense of humor and smile makes you look young and sweet person. It’s true, on a note though, your smile will come out from inside so, in other words even if you smile and you’re a real bitch then smile like a bitch. It’s not a true smile for people that are bitches, douche bags and many morons out there that are simply jerks. The point is most of us needs to ask themselves: “What do I really need?” or “What is really important for me to do and/or to have?” The answer is so simple and that is simplicity. Why did we became so complicated? Why did we became so obnoxious? That answer I cannot say but one thing is for sure, we lost our basic senses.

It came to me that I needed to one by one to delete the ones that are no use to me but keep the ones who shaped you and nurtured you from beginning to end. Declutter my surroundings and be more intuitive in nature. Also, most importantly to do Digital detox. Digital detox is very popular in Japan particularly young people living in suburban areas, it’s a method to “shut off” your smartphones, labtops, ipads and other electronic things. That is another and major issue that people needs to do or probably recommended to clear their mind. You see clearing your mind will be clearer on what you do and you will perform better. It’s just not that but it’s also your lifestyle, what you eat, how active you are and we cannot forget moderation too. Balance is the key too, and as life it is now with complications, you have to divide your routine activities like a slices of pizza. When it comes down to this it’s really common sense.

The best thing I can give in my experiences and still learning to this day is this: always go back, rewind like a video tape and start from zero. It’s the best way to clear off any bothering issues and get you back on track. It would be waste of time to continue piles of negativity and frustration. Nobody doesn’t want any grumpy, moody, bitchy environment it’s not just healthy at all. Let alone there are many people out there who cannot control there issues which is sad and bad for your image in your profession whether you are a student, lawyer, doctor and other positions. Don’t forget to take deep breaths! Take-care & be well, until next time.