Reset to zero, simplicity is all you need.

Dear Readers,

Hello to all of you, before I go on let me first to apologize for the long absence of not blogging a post for quite a while. It’s like POOF in the air like I have disappeared into the thin air. Since my last blog, which I have deleted two of them because it didn’t fit into this theme of my blog, it has been very hectic and I got into a point where Enough is enough. Whether you agree or disagree, it is your opinion and therefore you are entitled to your opinion, vice versa. Respect to yourself is very simple but you can never forget respecting others no matter what the situation is. Unfortunately, we live in a world that’s full load of many types of craziness and sadly violence, tragically killing innocent people young and/or old. Even people living has to face injustice, bully and out of jealously your co-workers and as well as administrators has the power, a abusive power to kick out minority. Nowadays, competition is all about business for materialistic and status of “look at me” posting on instagram, tweeting on twitter and other social media stream.

I am one of minority who has been silent, not by choice but by force of discrimination. I am one of those people who has been a victim of bully, haha you are such a loser, you don’t fit in our community and so on. Let me be clear on a message: I will not be your victim. Rather, I am an example and a true believer in God, karma and hope. You have no idea what I had to go through in my life, physically, mentally and emotionally. To this day, I am a fighter like a warrior or I prefer like a Samurai 侍. Awakened by my wonderful The Land of the Rising Sun ethnicity, it gave me a lot of hope and a way to look philosophical view. The best part of it though, you don’t know how I’m grateful to be pure-breed Japanese, born & raised in the Sunshine State of Florida. I told once to my Mother who is my “personal philosopher” and a wonderful soul that I am very happy to be born with a cultural background that is rich in Bushido, Zen and Divine culture.

Within these last few days, I did a lot of thinking. So much thinking that it made me wonder about space and solar systems and universe that it made me STOP! (Laughs) By the way, you have to have a sense of humor and smile makes you look young and sweet person. It’s true, on a note though, your smile will come out from inside so, in other words even if you smile and you’re a real bitch then smile like a bitch. It’s not a true smile for people that are bitches, douche bags and many morons out there that are simply jerks. The point is most of us needs to ask themselves: “What do I really need?” or “What is really important for me to do and/or to have?” The answer is so simple and that is simplicity. Why did we became so complicated? Why did we became so obnoxious? That answer I cannot say but one thing is for sure, we lost our basic senses.

It came to me that I needed to one by one to delete the ones that are no use to me but keep the ones who shaped you and nurtured you from beginning to end. Declutter my surroundings and be more intuitive in nature. Also, most importantly to do Digital detox. Digital detox is very popular in Japan particularly young people living in suburban areas, it’s a method to “shut off” your smartphones, labtops, ipads and other electronic things. That is another and major issue that people needs to do or probably recommended to clear their mind. You see clearing your mind will be clearer on what you do and you will perform better. It’s just not that but it’s also your lifestyle, what you eat, how active you are and we cannot forget moderation too. Balance is the key too, and as life it is now with complications, you have to divide your routine activities like a slices of pizza. When it comes down to this it’s really common sense.

The best thing I can give in my experiences and still learning to this day is this: always go back, rewind like a video tape and start from zero. It’s the best way to clear off any bothering issues and get you back on track. It would be waste of time to continue piles of negativity and frustration. Nobody doesn’t want any grumpy, moody, bitchy environment it’s not just healthy at all. Let alone there are many people out there who cannot control there issues which is sad and bad for your image in your profession whether you are a student, lawyer, doctor and other positions. Don’t forget to take deep breaths! Take-care & be well, until next time.



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