Angel Face & A Devil Soul

Knoxy Foxy, sounds familiar?

It should be, that is the official nickname of Amanda Marie Knox. I know there are people who support her because she is innocent. On the opposite side, I stand by Meredith Kercher and her family & friends. Like I have said orally and stated many times, you’re entitled to your beliefs.

The first thing that gets to my attention is her angelic face. Behind it though, is that deep, cold, icy-blue eyes that had struck me into my warm beating heart. If you’re one of those people that understands what I’m trying to describe then you know exactly what I mean. It kind of reminds me of Ted Bundy, his evil smile tells a lot about him. She can be a good example of Lucifer, the most beautiful Superior Angel fell down into hell and became a devil.

This morning on GMA or Good Morning America, she came back, again. Still saying she’s innocent but supporting for those innocent people being convicted. There’s nothing with that, but what’s wrong is to come back again and having a documentary on netflix. Which still brings back the real innocent of Meredith Kercher & her loved ones bringing pain of memories. I was like: “What the HELL is she thinking?”

Which does not surprise me, that she supports Hillary Clinton…

But putting the politics and elections aside, I hope Meredith Kercher’s killer gets found someday. It’s not fair, that Meredith Kercher’s family not getting any justice. The flashbacks of trials of Amanda Knox went through, what’s up with her behavior? Lying and changing stories to the authorities. To me it doesn’t make any sense, at all.

Ever since the final of Italy Supreme Court decision stated that Amanda Marie Knox & Raffaele Sollecito is not guilty. Well, it was shock, awe and what now? Now, you see and hear that Amanda wants to pay respects to Meredith Kercher’s grave. I’m glad that Meredith’s family immediately blocked her off, warning her not to visit.

She doesn’t need to do that, all she needs is to NOT show on any news media. Lastly, I don’t by her innocence and it’s thoughtful she’s doing something that is right for convicted innocent who really didn’t commit the crime. It’s just makes me sick when I see her on TV and from now on I’m going to shut off for couple of minutes if she shows up on the news, hopefully that doesn’t happen again.

To the Meredith Kercher, I hope that someday justice comes. My thoughts & prayers are with you. I would probably try something different if you are seeking on truth. Such as contacting private investigator and/or a professional medium/psychic. But I’m believer in God & karma, no matter sooner or later someway or some how, judgement never lets down to the good people.

As always, take-care, be well & be safe. Don’t forget to drink coffee, it’s National Coffee Day, Cheers!



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