I am different from all of you.

Have you ever thought you are different from everyone else? If you have then there is nothing wrong with that. Or don’t ever think if you’re one of those psycho- or sociopaths unless you lack of patience or true emotions. All these years in a spirituality perspective, as I search and still searching, I have come to realize I am different from all of you. All of people the majority who are careless, unkind and absurd made me awaken of who I am deep in my soul. I know who I am, divine being but still learning and growing my wisdom. I always say to myself that I am the one to control of what I do and when to take action if necessarily. Alter ego is my best friend, same as yours. So for those who gives me a weird or dirty look, an attitude of your fucking problems or just to taunt of who I am or what I do; you are one sad mother fucker never learned how to behave in classy way or to think before you act and/or say. Oh, pardon my language but there are times you got to “let it out” besides good people have limits and have your say before you die, right?

I am fed up living in a community or the majority that I live are so stupid. So stupid, that these people lost common sense and lack of what they learned from High School and/or Higher Education. Oh yes, with all due respect to people who are honorable Straight As, Master Degrees in luxury or Ph.D because they are passionate about what they do. Nothing wrong with that too, it’s just how most of you act like an real hypocrite assholes. Oh did too much of geekiness got fucked up too much like cannabis? It sure did didn’t it? I bet most of you are devoted in these fascination of working out, doing yoga, meditation and eating & drinking healthy but the truth is your personality is still “stupid” status. You got it right that I’m being sarcastic because I have rightly do so. That’s why I’m different from all of you, in other words FUCK OFF.

Don’t be like me, only few and among the rarest people can be my friend. My choice, not yours. I will respect you, I will defend myself, I will tell you to leave me alone or worse case scenario I will say to you to BACK OFF. Not because of hate, hate is too strong for word more dislike, but can I hate absolutely. I am Light of Good and Dark of Bad but I am excellence of neutral. I exist because of HIM, I am part of HIM is part of me, I am proud of it. Like I have stated before, I’m different from all of you. Just be yourself, stop trying to be like me, it’s so not original. It’s not, I’m sick of people, I’m pissed off how the society is now. Maybe that is why I volunteer to be OUT of this public or when rally of these black lives matter when ALL LIVES MATTER. When climate change is an issue when ENVIRONMENT IS JEOPARDY. When people are unemployed when EMPLOYERS FOCUSES ON EXPERIENCES NOT GIVING OPPORTUNITY. When patients are in vain with diseases when HEALTH INSURANCES RATES GOES UP AND DOESN’T GIVE A DAMN ABOUT PERSON’S LIFE.

Do you see, what I see or do you understand? If not, then you wasted your time not mine. I see things when sadly people who has 20/20 perfect vision don’t get it. It is an embarrassment to be with you and majority of others. The real America that I know is degrading and same goes to the Japan, the honorable, strong spirit of the samurais too busy looking for stupid hafu or gaijins to role model the society. Nothing wrong with mixed race or foreigners but don’t forget your roots 日本人. I mean when did “common sense” got complicated? Geez, I must say I am proud not to be stupid like most of you.