Cyber Monday, Black Friday and how to be safe on your Account.

Ah, it’s that time of the year to go shop til you drop for Christmas or Holiday gifts while the mixture scent of Pumpkin Spice still lingers and a hint of Gingerbread Latte starts flowing in.

There are few things that I want to share and give you heads up about this shopping madness season: be VERY careful and I don’t mean like getting pushed or shoved but on your credit cards as well as your online shopping. We all have different ways to shop and how we use to pay and that’s fine but you must keep an eye or monitor your account. After all, it’s your account & your money comes along while taking control & action if any suspicious activity is found. First, the credit cards that one fast magic swipe but it’s best to use the chip because it’s more secure and faster. Also, always ask for receipt or to keep one for your records. I just don’t know why people don’t want their receipt which I think it’s a red flag and I will tell you why.

Keeping or receiving a receipt is very important and will help you to keep track of your transaction records. What I personally do, is to place all of receipts in an envelope or a container of keepsake box so by that time when my bill or statement comes in my mail I can check to see if all of the transaction is accurate and if there is any purchase that I have not made or unfamiliar then I call immediately to let the bank company know that this is not my purchase & to report. Personally I like to pay with a written check, and I know most of you think that’s too 1980s or I’m behind with my paying habits but I feel this is safer than paying electronically. This is another reason why writing out a check is way better and a proof that when something happens in payment, I have a proof that I paid my bill & amount because my checkbook has those copy transparent records. I mean there’s nothing wrong paying in electronically but you never know in these days where hackers lurks for the bait. In general, when you write out something it helps your brain & your memory so, it’s best to write out a check or other situations if you can. (More about why writing is very good & helpful to you.)

Now, logging into your Financial Account is SO damn important. Yes, I did say damn word so pardon my king size of emphasizing, #Lol. But it is, you see the money you earned and it doesn’t matter what your position is, that is your hard earned money. You sweat, bleed, guts to work hard and being taken away from someone who don’t value to actually work don’t deserve it at all. It is YOUR Responsibility and Right to make sure to keep in check with all of your accounts and the activities. I usually check my banking accounts at least 3-4 times a week. And every month I change the passwords just to keep things highly up to date and to protect my account safe as possible.

Now when it comes to passwords you have to be creative and PLEASE don’t be silly by using like abc’s 123’s cat dog and etc. That will not work and certainly a BIG NO, common sense people. I bet hackers are thinking wow, people are so dumb! But it’s best to create a complicated ones so that it’s hard for the hackers to get into your account. I like to use the special characters along with upper/lower case letters & numbers; sometimes. there are certain websites only allow you to use upper/lower case letters & numbers but no special characters which I think it’s unfortunate. Always keep it in a safe place too. You don’t have to change the password every month but I just do it for security and a heck of fun for hackers to give them a hard time & struggle.

I think that’s only basics I wanted to share. Please have a safe and wonderful Thanksgiving and remember you’re in the control. Take-care, have questions or comments just ask! Cheers!


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