I am a Native Floridian, maybe because of Sunshine it made me realize to be positive and smile. I’m currently a student majoring in Pre-Med because health has always been part of my life. I have wide variety of interests: from medicine, science,  new technologies, to New Age, anime, and Japan. I really love to learn and new things, education is part of my essence. In this time, the environment has become very unstable and the pollution are making us sick. It made me realize that as a human, we must be open-minded to our surroundings and not just focusing on one thing.

On my spare time, I like to read, research, shopping, and meditate/yoga. I also like to travel and someday I would love to move to Japan with my family. In the future, I really want to go outer space (huge fan of Gundam). While I live in Mother Nature, I usually go eco because Earth has been our protector so, we must do the same. After all, we are all Humans meant to live in peace, love one another, and reunite our deceased loved ones that awaits us on the Other side.

We exist because we have a mission to complete, after the completion it’s our souls that will beautify our philosophy and flourish it into the universe. We are part of God, God is part of the Universe, we are as one.


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